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I’m a landowner – how do I know if the new forest economy is relevant for me?

By now you may have heard about the potential for carbon and biodiversity to change the way you manage your land and generate extra income. But is the new forest economy for all landowners? How do you know if it’s a fit for you? To help you decide, we’ve put together the three main questions to ask yourself.

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|New forest economy ABC

Carbon Market Dictionary

Overview of frequently used carbon market terms and acronyms

1 carbon credit equals 1 tonne of CO2 stored
|New forest economy ABC

What are carbon credits and what makes a carbon credit high quality?

Back to basics - what carbon credits really are and how to know if they are high quality.

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|New forest economy ABC

What is nature tech?

What is it, why does it matter, and what companies are considered nature tech.

|New forest economy ABC

ABC: what is permanence and why is it relevant to forest carbon projects?

Permanence in forest carbon projects and how it varies between different types of carbon projects.

|New forest economy ABC

ABC: where does the carbon credit price come from?

Overview of how the price of carbon is set and what factors influence it

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|New forest economy ABC

What is the new forest economy?

How landowners can realise the true value of their forests

|New forest economy ABC

ABC: what is the voluntary carbon market?

An overview of the what, where and how of carbon credit trading

|New forest economy ABC

ABC: who are Verra and Gold Standard? Why they matter

An overview of the key carbon registries