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Finance your afforestation with a loan

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Do you want to plant a new forest but are concerned about the cost of saplings and planting?

We've partnered with Swedbank to bring you an afforestation loan to provide the financial support you need. So the upfront costs of planting won't stop you from increasing your land's value and earn carbon income from afforestation.

  • Carbon opportunity assessment

    Provided by Arbonics

    Our quick and free analysis of afforestation suitability based on the cadastral IDs of your land. It also includes a forecast of potential carbon revenue generated through the sale of carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market.

  • Climate benefit analysis

    Provided by Arbonics

    An analysis of the net climate benefits of afforestation. The analysis will consider carbon sequestered by trees and soils, and greenhouse gas emissions generated by afforestation activities.

  • Afforestation plan

    Provided by you, with our support

    A comprehensive plan which describes where trees will be planted, what kind of trees will be planted, and the activities planned to maintain good forest condition, and reduce forest related risks (e.g., fire, diseases).

  • Forest Management Plan

    Provided by you, with our support

    A forest management plan (or an equivalent instrument, as set out in national regulations) needs to be provided to replace the afforestation plan once the land is recognised as a forest.

  • It's free when... join our carbon project. This means you will also earn income from carbon credits starting 5 years after planting. Use our calculator to estimate how much you could earn. T&Cs apply.

  • It's 500 EUR per cadastral ID when... decide not to add your lands to our carbon project. We will still prepare all the documentation needed to apply and process your loan with Swedbank. T&Cs apply.

Apply for the loan or learn more about the terms on Swedbank's website

Apply for the loan or learn more about the terms on Swedbank's website

Currently only available in Estonia and Latvia