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The evolution of green finance and why Arbonics is partnering with Swedbank

How green finance is rewarding those who do good for the planet

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What’s the deal with additionality? And why is it so important?

What is additionality? How is it measured and how the concept might evolve in the future?

European spruce bark beetle
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Everything you need to know about European spruce bark beetle

Did you know that the European spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus) is a real pain in the butt? Literally! This tiny 5mm beetle has eight teeth on its rear end, and it's causing havoc in the Baltics and other parts of Europe.

Animated text Understanding the Afforestation market
|New forest economy ABC

Afforestation carbon credits in numbers - understanding the market

For all this talk about afforestation and how it could grow – have you ever wondered how big the market already is, and where the bulk of the projects are? If so, read on for the key numbers you should know.

Animated text What happened in the voluntary carbon market in 2022?
|New forest economy ABC

What happened in the voluntary carbon market in 2022?

And what to look out for in 2023

animated text "3 questions to see if the new forest economy is for you"
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I’m a landowner – how do I know if the new forest economy is relevant for me?

By now you may have heard about the potential for carbon and biodiversity to change the way you manage your land and generate extra income.

title of the article "Carbon Market Dictionary"
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Carbon Market Dictionary

Overview of frequently used carbon market terms and acronyms

animated text "What are REDD+ carbon credits?"
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What are REDD+ carbon credits, and why have they been receiving criticism?

Animated text 1 carbon credit = 1 tonne of CO2 stored (or avoided)
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What are carbon credits and what makes a carbon credit high quality?

Back to basics - what carbon credits really are and how to know if they are high quality.

animated text "What on Earth is #naturetech?"
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What is nature tech?

What is it, why does it matter, and what companies are considered nature tech.

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6 questions every landowner should ask a carbon project developer

How to choose the right carbon project developer to work with

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EU's new carbon certification proposal

What, why, and how does it impact forest carbon?

|New forest economy ABC

ABC: what is permanence and why is it relevant to forest carbon projects?

Permanence in forest carbon projects and how it varies between different types of carbon projects.

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Monitoring afforestation projects

What is monitoring and how is it used in afforestation projects?

|New forest economy ABC

ABC: where does the carbon credit price come from?

Overview of how the price of carbon is set and what factors influence it

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|New forest economy ABC

What is the new forest economy?

How landowners can realise the true value of their forests

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How to earn carbon credits with afforestation

Things you need to know about afforestation with Arbonics

|New forest economy ABC

ABC: what is the voluntary carbon market?

An overview of the what, where and how of carbon credit trading

|New forest economy ABC

ABC: who are Verra and Gold Standard? Why they matter

An overview of the key carbon registries


Arbonics launches and announces pre-seed funding

A new tech-based carbon and ecosystem platform for forest and landowners in Europe